The eBusiness Club

Helping you utilise technology to boost your business

Here at the East Midlands Chamber’s (Derbyshire, Nottinghamshire, Leicestershire) eBusiness Club, we understand that you want to improve your business and make the most of every opportunity available to help you achieve that.

When it comes to information technology, the range of opportunities on offer can appear to be both vast and daunting at the same time. From digital marketing and social media through to eCommerce, it can be all too easy to miss out purely through a lack of knowledge or even confidence.

That’s where we come in. With great digital training, specialist support, strategic action planning workshops, digital consultancy and technology grant funding, we have everything you could possibly need to embrace, understand and use all levels of advanced technology to take your business to a greater level of success.

Dynamic workshops and seminars, presented by genuine leaders in their specialist fields

We have formulated an extensive number of high-calibre and engaging seminars, action planning workshops and consultancy support to help you and your business understand and utilise a huge range of advanced technologies and in doing so, improve the performance of your business and the personal development of your staff.

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Whether you’re starting out or already have some knowledge about the technology that you want to build upon, we can help you. We believe there shouldn’t be any barriers between your business and the potential benefits that can arise from the successful implementation of technology.

Our dynamic workshops and seminars are presented by genuine leaders in their specialist fields. From planning the perfect website through to adopting fully integrated business technology solutions, getting to grips with social media, developing  ecommerce systems and putting together mobile marketing strategies and so much more, our workshop, smeinars and consultancy support services are clearly and expertly delivered so that you can develop new knowledge and skills and put them to use to push your business further  forward.

Awareness-raising Seminars - keeping you up-to-date on the technologies you need to know!

Keeping up the rapid pace of technology developments is not easy, even for the most tech savvy businesses and this again is where we can support your development needs.  Our team of specialist practitioners live and breathe technology and as a result evaluate all that is new, cutting through the hype and delivering through our seminar programme the things that really can make a difference to the development of your business.

Annual Online Marketing & Technology Expo

First delivered in 2005 the annual eBusiness club Online Marketing & Technology Conference and Expo has established itself as the most cutting edge digital marketing event in the East Midlands. The conference provides an unrivalled forum to hear from renowned speakers as they deliver highly informative, action-packed presentations on the latest digital marketing tools, techniques, tips and tricks.

In addition to the conference we bring together some of the region’s leading technology solution providers. From web develops to business intelligence solution providers, graphic designers, telecoms providers, digital marketing agencies and mobile solution providers the expo provides a unique opportunity to keep up to date with all the latest business technology systems and solutions.

The eBusiness Club, part of the UK’s second-largest Chamber of Commerce

The eBusiness Club, originally launched in 2003 is designed to help UK companies get the most out of today’s business technology systems and solutions. With a membership of over 9,000 across the East Midlands and it’s neighbouring counties, the eBusiness Club is the leading source of independent and impartial advice and support in Online Marketing and digital technologies. The eBusiness Club is a department of the East Midlands Chamber of Commerce (Derbyshire, Nottinghamshire, Leicestershire).

Consultancy & Grant-Funding

At the eBusiness Club we know only too well that the effectiveness of any investment in technology relies upon selecting the most appropriate and affordable solution. This along with careful planning, implementation and on-going management can make the difference between success and failure. Many technology systems will fail not because they are not fit for purpose but because of lack of resource in key areas.

We also understand that many businesses are prevented from growing due to a lack of capital investment and qualified advice and support. Our grant funding and consultancy support service exists to help your business make that investment and where appropriate take on specialist consultancy support. You can access the Expression of Interest form for Grant Funding by filling out the registration form, and once your account is verified by our team you can click here to apply. 


Do you provide digital services to SMEs?

The Chambers eBusiness club are creating a suppliers register that will focus specifically on digital systems, agencies and software providers. The aim of this service is simple, to help businesses across the East Midlands and its neighbouring counties find the right digital services supplier to meet their often unique needs.  

Grants and support

The  ICT grant and consultancy scheme provides financial and specialist support to eligible businesses who are introducing and developing new systems to improve business performance. Find out more

Brilliant workshop - found it extremely useful and have applied so much of what I have learned so far!!

Faye Taylor, FT Academic.

Filled in gaps of my knowledge to enable me to start to improve my online presence to increase engagement and build online sales. Also, highlighted some mistakes that I have made. I will be developing a clear strategy and plan for 2015

Derek Ward, Ward Business Services and Solutions

These workshops are brilliant. The trainers are very knowledgeable and the workbooks great

Sandy Leong, Sahara Consultancy UK Ltd

I would highly recommend these workshops

Davina Gadhia, Mirror o mirror ltd

I am very grateful for the content and advice given away on these courses and only wish that i had known about them sooner!

Rebecca Dowdeswell, StripTweeze Ltd

It has opened our eyes to understand how should it be done

Ajith Kaggodaarachchi, Homins UK Limited

The standard of the workshops is superb. The presenters are knowledgeable and the learning materials are excellent

Jane Sherratt, Music On My PC Ltd

I've had gaps in my confidence and understanding with blogging and videoing. These workshops have bridged those gaps and I now feel inspired begin to put what I've learnt into practise

David Hopkins, Chuckle Chops & Chums

Fantastic courses - lovely people great trainers and superb venues

Nicola Bishop, Chaba Designs

The courses are outstanding and have been excellently facilitated

Robert Walker, Technologyhelp Lt