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Want to move your business to the Digital Age? Discover how the Digital Growth Programme can help you

Last year 35% of SME’s within the East Midlands had no basic digital skills, with up to 54% not having a website and 67% of businesses not investing in digital skills.* With this in mind, some SME’s are still trailing behind in embracing the digital world.

However help is now here with the Digital Growth Programme (formerly known as eBusiness Club). Running until June 2019 it aims to support businesses in Leicester and Leicestershire to embrace the digital world through:

  • Strategic action-planning workshops
  • Awareness-raising seminars
  • Grant funding (subject to conditions)
  • Digital business advice
  • Conferences


The Digital Growth Programme will deliver 240 free full-day strategic action-planning workshops designed to support local SME's with increasing their digital skills, covering a range of topics from Social Media and Website Planning to Cyber Resilience and International Marketing.

Delivered by industry experts, they are free of charge to attend for businesses who are registered to the programme, with an expectation that all eligible businesses will receive a minimum of 12 hours of funded support. Registration is quick and easy and you only need to go through this process once.

Workshops are structured to provide you and your business with the latest digital knowledge and techniques.  Each session is hands-on allowing you to consider strategic objectives and draw up a plan of action to develop and grow your business.

Workshop themes include:

  • Cloud Computing and Cyber Resilience
  • ecommerce
  • Email Marketing, CRM and Big Data
  • International ecommerce and Marketing
  • Mobile Marketing and Productivity
  • Online Marketing
  • Paid Digital Advertising
  • Social Media
  • Video Production and Marketing
  • Website Planning and Development

 Technology Grants

As part of the programme, Technology Grants from £2,000 to £40,000 are available, subject to conditions. The aim of the Technology Grant is to support businesses with utilising their existing technology solutions to full potential, or assist in the introduction of new systems and software to aid with the implementation of new digital resources, with the overall aim of improving business performance and productivity. All grants must be 60% match-funded by the business, details of the scheme and application process can be found on our Technology Grants page.

Digital Business Advisers

To further support you and your business, we have dedicated Digital Business Advisers who provide support and advice in your development and growth.  They will work closely with you to gain a better understanding of your business and the breadth of technology that exists in your current structure, provide recommendations and help develop a plan to move forward. They can also support and assist you with the Technology Grant funding process.


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 Source: * UK Business Digital Index 2016 figures quoted are based on the regional data for East Midlands

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In addition to helping develop my digital presence, these workshops are helping me reshape and refocus my business

David Primrose, Synergy Food Ingredients, Melton Mowbray

The workshops exceeded my expectations! A huge amount of useful information delivered in a straight-forward, practical and professional way. I am leaving the day with lots of ideas for implementation and looking forward to attending the next workshop

Kate Brudenell, Hawthorn, Melton Mowbray

Attending this workshop has changed my view on email marketing. I found the content about design, strategy, CTA and landing pages very useful. After this session I will be looking at employing a dedicated person to look after email campaign for my business.

Mukesh Parmar, The Winchester, Leicestershire

A really clear and well explained workshop which demystified Social Media and made progressing things feel more manageable.  Paul was professional but kept it informal which was perfect level for newbies to Social Media, and I felt I was able to ask questions.

Claire Hynam, Sleepyheads, Leicestershire

Really interesting and practical workshop. I found the content about GDPR and the implications very useful as well as design email campaigns myself. From the session I will be taking away lots of practical actions to allow me to look at how effective my current email campaign are

Matthew and Pritcherd, Leicestershire