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Conversion rate optimisation (CRO) is one of the most under-utilised elements of online marketing, yet probably the most powerful process to make immediate improvements to the return on investment of any website. This Free 1 day course explore's a number of techniques and case studies, that will show you how to convert website visitors into sales

Improve the visibility of your website through effective use of analytics, statistics and testing

If you’re serious about making an immediate return on investment with your website, then you need to consider optimising your conversion rate. Thanks to the experts at the eBusiness Club, you now have a course that shows you exactly how. This powerful marketing process is explored in depth and provides you with a number of workable techniques to help you convert your website visitors into paying customers.

Workshop programme will cover:

  • The psychology of conversion – Discover how user behaviours and well-documented human psychology all contribute to a visitor’s purchase decision, and how to manipulate the outcome to meet your objectives.
  • The art of persuasion – Learn how prompt positive action from website visitors through manipulation of design, text and colour.
  • The principles of testing  – Find out why testing is vital, and the best methods to do it properly using split test and multivariate software such as Google Website Optimiser, and many more.
  • Optimising your website for success – Explore how to best optimise your website design and content for a better conversion rate. From colours to layout through to copywriting and image choice – it all counts.

Course outcome:

Delegates on the course will emerge with key knowledge and skills to understand how to make the most of the stats provided by Google Analytics, and how to best to respond to them for better online conversion rates. Delegates will have a new set of skills to ensure that they can put in place the best working practices for a better, more profitable website.


When & Where

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18th September 2015
09:00am to 16:30pm
Heartwood Conferencing Centre, LE67 3NR
Book by 24th August 09:00am
This workshop is fully booked
Bookings no longer accepted

Eligibility Criteria

In order to attend this event you must satisfy the following criteria:

1. That your business registered with HMRC and has less than 250 employees.

2. That your business registered address is located within one of the following counties: Derbyshire / Leicestershire / Nottinghamshire.

East Midlands Chamber - Nottinghamshire

Name: Hannah Ferguson Email: Phone: 01159 578 757