20 Aug 2020

5 reasons you should say yes to no-code systems

Digital Growth Programme consultant Rob Gregory has given us some insight into the world of no-code systems, and how businesses today can develop a digital product or services without needing any technical knowledge or having to write a line of code.

 What are no-code systems?

Ian Lockwood

I’ve been writing code for over 23 years and in that time have seen new languages develop, trends come and go and of course we have all seen huge advances in the digital industry in general. The no-code movement, as it is known, is the latest big step forward. I think every SME should be taking notice of no-code and look at how they can take advantage of what it has to offer.

You might be thinking yeah but what is no-code Rob and you’d be right to ask. Well, my definition of no code is this. A digital product or service designed, built and launched without the maker writing a single line of code.

Think about that for a minute, as a non-technical person you can now use a mix of technologies to design and create a digital product, process or even an entire online business. No code, just a web browser. That is a huge opportunity.


So how does no-code work?

Illustration of man coding on laptop

A no-code system is a way of conceiving and launching a system made up of a number of interconnected systems, platforms or integrations. The key difference is that with a no-code system you won’t get your hands dirty writing code you just plug everything together to build your system.

To make this all possible systems have clever ways of connecting to other systems via something called an Application Programming Interface or API. API’s have been around for a long time however the difference with the API’s used by no-code systems is they are configured using simple buttons and forms rather than code. This means anyone can do it.

Why should you say yes?

Every organisation is different having specific internal business needs and exciting customer-facing offerings. No-code systems are the perfect platform for SMEs to build what they need and express their uniqueness by offering their customers the perfect solution.

Here are my 5 reasons why your business should say yes to no-code systems:

1.      Innovate quickly

Often someone in a business will have an idea that has the potential to transform part of the business. That idea will often go on a list or be added to a meeting agenda for next time you meet a certain supplier. With no-code there is little excuse for not giving the idea a go. Start small and innovate.

2.      Reduce costs

Great systems are difficult to build and can become expensive especially if you are engaging 3rd parties to develop them. By doing much of the work internally the cost savings are huge or if you still want to use a third party the fact they are using no-code solutions should greatly decrease development costs.

3.      Prototyping

No-code systems are a great way to prototype a process or even a full system before it is built. No-code might not be the right choice for a large production system or there may be regulations in your industry that constrain your approach to building a system. However, that doesn’t stop you leveraging the benefits of no-code for proof-of-concept and prototyping projects. If you are going out to 3rd parties wouldn’t it be great to have a prototype that demonstrates your vision for the project.

4.      Empower your team

Non-technical teams can find it frustrating when their ideas are thwarted by process, budget or project priorities. Why not empower internal teams to get started with their own projects using a no-code approach. Especially for internal processes, no-code tools can be used by team members to make improvements really quickly.

5.      Profit from your project

The great thing about innovating quickly, saving costs, building prototypes and having an empowered team that builds solutions with no-code is that you end up making more money. That’s right getting on with that internal project or launching that new customer-facing tool quickly and without needing to be a technical wizard will surely carry the business forward and get you ahead of your competitors.


There are no excuses in 2020. If you have an idea, a customer need or an internal process that could be addressed by building a system - get started right away with your very own no-code system. If you want to know more about no-code systems join my next webinar: How to guide to no-code systems, Tuesday 15 September


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