16 Aug 2017

Looking for help to grow your business?

When you are growing your business, there are always new challenges. From finding the right people to accessing the right type of finance, there will be times when SMEs will really want advice, support and grant funding.

In fact, last year 35% of SMEs within the East Midlands had no basic digital skills, with up to 54% not having a website and 67% of businesses not investing in digital skills.* 


However not to worry as help is now here with the Digital Growth Programme. The Digital Growth Programme is where SMEs across Derbyshire, Nottinghamshire and Leicestershire can learn, get digital advice and get help to apply for technological grants they need to grow their business. The programme aims to support small businesses in embracing digital technology through action-planning workshops, seminars, specialist digital businesses advice as well as access to grant funding.

Technology Grants from £2,000 to £16,000 are available, subject to conditions. The grants support businesses with utilising their existing technology solutions to full potential, or assist in the introduction of new systems and software to aid with the implementation of new digital resources. All grants must be 60% match-funded by the business, details of the scheme and application process can be found here.


To further support your business, we have dedicated Digital Business Advisers who work closely with you to gain a better understanding of your business and the breadth of technology that exists in your current structure, provide recommendations and help you develop a plan to move forward. Our advisers will also support and assist you with the Technology Grant funding application process.

For more information about our grant funding opportunities please visit our Technology Grants page for Derby and Nottingham or Leicester or contact one of our dedicated Digital Business Advisers for your area:

Derby and Derbyshire
Rich Bruford | 07387 141 587 |

Nottingham and Nottinghamshire
Bretton Jones | 07387 141 581 |

Tom Conway | 07387 141 588 |

Maria Peggs | 07392 310 600 |


* Source: UK Business Digital Index 2016 figures quoted are based on the regional data for East Midlands

Amazing workshop, provided tons of information about creating content - it's a must for any busy small business owner!

Rashpal Rai, Wellbeing Works, Derby

Best workshop I've been to, so relevant and current

Laura Bruce, Steel City Marketing, Sheffield

Really impressive workshop, with great in depth practical advice and examples. The explanation of hidden feature on social media was very useful and I will be going away from the session looking at building and executing a full social media strategy for my business. Thank you again for providing me access to workshop and the information if delivered.

Wossicon Brown, Sheffield

In addition to helping develop my digital presence, these workshops are helping me reshape and refocus my business

David Primrose, Synergy Food Ingredients, Melton Mowbray

I really appreciate the Digital Growth Programme and have benefitted from previous workshops and seminars. Now that my knowledge in this area is growing I am looking forward to attending more seminars so that I can build on my knowledge and skills

Dorinda Miller, Into Deeper Waters, Nottinghamshire

Before, Google Analytics was a bit of a minefield, but I now feel more confident to use it in the way that works best. Looking forward to future courses!

Emma Daley, SortRefer, Derby

The workshops exceeded my expectations! A huge amount of useful information delivered in a straight-forward, practical and professional way. I am leaving the day with lots of ideas for implementation and looking forward to attending the next workshop

Kate Brudenell, Hawthorn, Melton Mowbray

Really informative workshop, lots to take away and apply to our own site. This is a brilliant service on offer and I’m extremely grateful to be able to attend these workshops

Emma Bradley, Bradley Brown Internet, Nottingham

The GDPR seminar was fantastic and I have already to action certain points within marketing strategy.

Barry Aldridge, TidyCo Ltd, Derby

A massive thank you to Liam and the programme - an insightful and very engaging workshop. I particulary found the hashtag elements useful.

Efficiency North, Sheffield

The GDPR seminar was fantastic and I have already to action certain points within marketing strategy.

Barry Aldridge - Marketing Manager, Tidyco Ltd, Derby

Using my new blogging skills thanks to the fab blogging workshop I attended with Paul Ince.

Sally Davies, Jumpstart I.T Training Services Ltd, Arnold

Thank you Digital Growth programme, you made me believe in myself and gave me skills and knowledge to change our website. I strongly recommend these workshop to SMEs.

Svetlana Parmar, The Winchester Snooker Club, Leicestershire

The Digital Growth Programme is an excellent asset to the East Midlands – it has really helped my company push on in ways that otherwise may not have been possible

Carl Musson, S&J European, Leicestershire

The application is straight forward, access to the team for help is superb and the potential benefits to your company are huge

Carole Hunter, London Edge, Leicester

We used a digital grant to introduce new technology in our warehouse, allowing the guys allow to take on extra business. A lot of our customers are needing faster processing, and this will help us fulfil those orders. It allows us to be quicker and more accurate

James Munton, CS Ellis Ltd, Leicestershire