25 Jun 2021

5 Ways to grow your Social Media presence

Given the importance of social media in consumers' lives, it opens up an opportunity for your business to use social platforms to connect with your existing and potential customers. Let's take a look at how you can grow your presence with these 5 simple techniques.

1. Develop New Relationships and Connections

Social Media is free for everyone to use, giving you access to a very large audience. By spending some time creating and updating your profile, you will see great benefits of increased exposure, new enquiries and sales, and the opportunity to build good relationships with your customers.

2. Engage with your Audience

Social media allows you to get personal with your customers, you can share photos and videos across the platforms, keeping new and existing customers up to date on your business’s current events and latest offerings. This helps in creating a strong bond with your customers and making them feel a connection with you and your business.

3. Provide Support

Social platforms have successfully broken down barriers between companies and their customers. Now, instead of calling a customer service line, many people turn to Facebook or Twitter to solve problems or find information. You can develop your reputation as a responsive, caring brand by offering support through your social channels.

4. Create and Share Content

You can share all sorts of content on your channels. As long as it’s of interest to your audience. It can be news, information about your business - its products, services, people, reviews and expertise, or just a topic that is trending you can relate to. There are free or low-cost tools you can use to help you convey content in your brand identity from creating infographics, images and videos.

 5. Staying Active

You need to stay active on your social feeds, even if it just a few minutes a day. Your audience needs to see you appear in their feeds, reminding them you are there.  You can prepare content ahead of time and plan what you want to post weekly. There are scheduling tools available, to help you manage your accounts.


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