3 Apr 2020

Optimising isolation for future business growth

When we were younger it was our daily objective to learn something new. We would be at school, learning so many broad and wonderful things, yet as we hit adulthood we focus on our trade, becoming experts in our field but narrowing our other skills and opportunities to learn.

This is the time to think back to all those ideas you have had and dismissed over the years. “I don’t have enough time”, “I’d need to read up on this”, “I have no idea where I’d even start!” There are so many things we can each learn in this time to help us better our businesses and ourselves as employees. With resources at our fingertips what better time to sit down and tackle these big ideas!

Logos & Graphic Design
There’s no need to be a photoshop whizz to create a bold and statement logo for your company. There are plenty of free tools online that can help you create the  new look for your business in no time at all, one of which is Canva. Use this time to think about your company values, how you would like to stand apart from other companies and how you can reflect your personality into your marketing collateral.

Social Media
Is your phone full of proud pictures of the work you’ve been doing over the years? Last Wednesdays carpet installation? That paint work you completed back in February? Or that pampered pooch you made look fabulous just before Christmas? Now’s the time to use these images and market yourself, show everyone what you can do ready for when we all return to normal working. Social media (for the most part) is free and can be such a powerful tool for marketing a business. 

The Digital Growth Programme offers webinars in optimising social media for your business, which is something that you can begin researching now. Start connecting with other local businesses and potential clients in your area, get the word out. Start to create your own local networks and once normality resumes can become your port of call for potential work with that all-important word of mouth review.

The loneliness of limited work and working from home can be a struggle but we must remember that everyone is in a similar situation. This is the perfect time to connect with other local businesses and traders in your area to build a strong network, not only with the prospect of future business, but also to see how each other are doing and to support one another.

Building connections could help to boost your reputation and work for the future. For example, are you a mobile hairdresser? Why not contact local bridal shops, care homes and local freelance make-up artists? In the future these networks will enable you to recommend one another and boost each of your businesses over time. You may work alone but you can still build yourself a team!

This is a great way of touching base with previous clients, checking up on them as a duty of care but also asking them to write you a short recommendation. Not only will this boost your engagement with your existing customers, but it will also encourage future business from potential customers. Nothing reflects greater on your business than a positive review from a previous client.

These can be utilised as fantastic content for your budding social media channels. Ask your clients to write the review straight onto Facebook or LinkedIn and then share the great work you’ve been doing. Or pair the written review with the image of your handy work to make a great post on twitter, Instagram or Pinterest. Images go a long way on social media and have been proven to boost impressions and engagement.

With the internet taking the lead in this challenging time for our communications, shopping and work, it’s made training more accessible than ever. The web is filled with free webinars and courses on a range of topics. Broaden your knowledge from the comfort of your own home. Use this time to explore new channels and set yourself up for future business growth.

Don't forget the Digital Growth Programme are delivering a range of digital themed webinars. Take a look at our event listing for the latest dates


The Digital Growth Programme is managed by East Midlands Chamber (Derbyshire, Nottinghamshire, Leicestershire). It is a programme part-funded by the European Regional Development Fund, the Chamber and Leicestershire County Council designed to help SMEs located in Leicester and Leicestershire embrace new digital technology to improve productivity to aid growth.

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