6 Nov 2018

What’s New in WordPress 5.0

Read our latest blog from consultant Rob Gregory on the latest updates in WordPress and what this means for existing websites.

Words from Rob:

Each time a new version of WordPress is released there is much excitement about the new features and upgrades. With version 5.0, however, the buzz is on another level, which is down to the fever-pitch anticipation surrounding the all-new content editor that ships with this latest version.

The v5.0 release date is currently set for 19 November 2018. This means anyone with a WordPress site, or anyone who creates WordPress websites, will be getting their hands on the new "Gutenberg" editor within weeks.

I've spent some time getting to know WordPress 5.0 using a developer pre-release version. I for one can't wait to start using it for real as it represents a long overdue leap forward for the platform.

The new content editor

A new content editor for WordPress is a pretty big deal as it's going to transform the way over 30% of the web creates content. The current editor has been around for a pretty long time, albeit with numerous updates. In the meantime, however, other platforms like Wix and Squarespace have released much superior in-browser page and post editing tools.

To counter this Gutenberg introduces a new way of working in the form of something WordPress is calling blocks. There are core WordPress blocks, custom blocks users can create and reuse themselves, and blocks offered by theme developers. The basic concept is to hand over more control to users whilst at the same time simplifying the page/post creation process.

Want to hear more?

Join me at the next ‘What's New in WordPress’ breakfast seminar. This session has been redeveloped based on the imminent version 5.0 release. There is all the usual behind-the-scenes upgrades and fixes in v5.0 along with a number of smaller changes users will notice however the shiny new Gutenberg editor is going to be the biggest and most exciting change for most.

Come along to see Gutenberg and the rest of the latest version of WordPress in action. I’ll also discuss what v5.0 and Gutenberg mean for existing websites and how as site owners we can successfully upgrade. Book your place here 

📅 20 Nov |What's New in WordPress | Proact Stadium, Chesterfield

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The GDPR seminar was fantastic and I have already to action certain points within marketing strategy.

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