Cracking the (bar)code for Air Auto ID

Air Auto

Air Auto ID supplies hardware and software solutions which enable companies to print their own labels and capture data through barcode scanning.

These labels allow customers to track and store information about their products, to help them better manage their inventory, deliveries, assets, security and documents. It’s a vital element as without the ID or barcode most wouldn’t be able to move their goods around. Air ID Auto serves many sectors, including food manufacturing, contract packing, automotive, logistics and retail.

The Challenge

air auto

The company supplies complex technology solutions to its clients and the 3-6 month handover period for each customer is crucial for them to get fully up-to-speed with their system.  However, demonstrating and training users in-person can prove tricky and is time-intensive. It wanted to develop an online portal that would enable training to take place remotely, via the internet, to give clients an insight of the functionality and features of their systems.

Digital Growth Programme Solution

We provided grant funding of £3,500 towards a total project spend of £10,000 for the development of a new online training portal, which will give the company the capacity to train its users remotely.

The Cloud-based system is device-independent and enables the company to be more agile in the way it demonstrates its systems and trains its customers, and addresses any technical issues they may be having. As well as the web portal, the company has also invested in a new demo room at its head office in Whetstone, to better showcase its solutions to new and existing clients their digital skills up-to-date.

The Impact
The new portal is set to go live in May 2019 and will allow the company to provide a more rounded customer service offering. Purchasing the correct hardware has future-proofed the investment while making processes more efficient and reducing costs

Client Testimonial

air auto

Adrian Baker, Managing Director at Air Auto ID, said: “Our new system will enable us to educate our customers about our systems and solutions online, and provide them with a point of reference to connect with us to address any issues they may have.

“It’s a business-critical investment which takes us out of the realms of expensive hardware and into the era of Cloud -based technology, which helps us to remain agile and offer a better overall service to customers.”

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