Droning in on the latest technology

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BESQ has been producing films for a wide range of corporate and public sector clients since 1991. It manages and delivers an entire production service, from script to screen. It places great emphasis on quality and creative flair, ensuring at all times that the right messages reach the target audience. It also provides a range of aerial cinematography services, using the latest technology available, to deliver stunning results in high definition.

The Challenge
Drone technology has developed rapidly over the past few years and as a specialist – and fully-qualified – provider of aerial filming, BESQ wanted to invest in the latest equipment to enhance its offering to clients. There are many affordable drones on the marketplace capable of capturing good-quality footage, but the firm wanted to invest in a higher-end drone capable of capturing production-quality footage.

Digital Growth Programme Solution
We provided £2,000 of funding towards the purchase of an industry-leading DJI Inspire 2 Drone, which enables BESQ to enhance its aerial filming capabilities. The drone is equipped with a high-definition 5k camera, has increased battery power, flies longer and is more stable in winds and other adverse weather conditions, meaning the company can capture better footage on behalf of its clients.

The Impact
The new drone has led to an increase in business, with a number of new clients coming on board. It allows BESQ to offer a more comprehensive aerial filming service to clients, and diversify into new sectors, including topographical photography and mapping.

Client Testimonial
Tyrone Braithwaite, co-founder said: “There are a lot of cheaper drones on the market and lots of companies who provide drone filming but don’t necessarily have the right equipment, expertise and relevant authorisation from the CAA to deliver results. 

“Few companies have the aesthetic skills and formal qualifications to get the best from the sky. Our new drone gives us the capability to capture great footage, using the latest technology, on behalf of our clients, which is what sets our business apart.”