Terms and conditions for Commercial Courses



East Midlands Chamber (Derbyshire, Nottinghamshire, Leicestershire) - Course Booking Terms and Conditions

Upon request for a course place(s), we will ask you to provide formal written confirmation; this will come to us directly if your booking is made via the website, or you can send it to us via letter or email. Course places will be held provisionally until we receive written confirmation.


This written confirmation forms a binding contract and presumes you have agreed to our terms and conditions, including payment terms. Payment can be made directly via the website at the time of booking or alternatively an invoice can be forwarded to you. Our invoice terms are 30 days.




Once we have received written confirmation our cancellation policy commences. All cancellations and transfers must be confirmed in writing.


Cancellation of a course booking giving more than 10 days’ notice before the course start date will not incur a charge and all monies will be refunded. If you choose to transfer this place to an alternative date, you will incur an administrative charge of 10% of the original cost + VAT.


Cancellation of a course booking giving less than 10 days’ notice before the course start date is chargeable at the full course rate.


If you choose to transfer to an alternative date with less than 10 days’ notice you will be charged for the original cost of the course, and the cost of the new date booked.


For unaccredited courses - Substitute delegates can be made at any time without additional fees.


For accredited courses - with the exception of ITOPS course - Substitutions will be permitted prior to the second day of the course. Additional registration fees for substituted delegates will be payable in addition to the course fee where the withdrawing delegate has already registered. In the event of an expected delegate not arriving on a course day, we will contact you to clarify their whereabouts. Non-attendance/withdrawal will be charged at full cost.


Exceptional Circumstances – Accredited Programmes only - with the exception of ITOPS course


Where an individual has encountered illness or unavoidable situations which would fall under the provisions of the accrediting organisation’s exceptional circumstances policy, where possible we will offer a catch up for one missed session. In more serious circumstances a deferment to a future course may be offered, subject to availability and proof of the circumstance in writing. No refunds will be given. In the unlikely event that we postpone or cancel a course, a full refund for those dates not yet delivered will be given.


Please do not hesitate to contact us on 0333 320 0333 if you have any questions about the workshops or are unsure about the meaning of any terms and conditions.