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No matter how large or small your retail business is, there is every chance that it could benefit from one of the multitude of e-commerce solutions available today. This highly informative workshop will provide you the opportunity to explore the range of online selling opportunities and learn how to make the most of them, safely and securely.

Drive your sales forward by learning how to succeed in the online marketplace.

Workshop programme will cover:

  • Pick your e-commerce platform – Learn how to make an informed choice about which e-commerce platform is the most suited to your business needs.
  • Survive the online marketplace – Understand and navigate your way around 3rd party e-commerce sites.
  • Online shopping solutions – Get to grips with e-commerce shopping carts and other similar solutions.
  • Meet the big sellers – Explore and gain a better appreciation of larger online marketplaces such as eBay, Amazon and Etsy.
  • The benefits of the online marketplace – Learn the pros and cons of working the online markets in comparison with selling from your own site.
  • Processing payments – Find out how you can accept payments online, how you can make online payments more accessible, what the rules and regulations are and how you can do it safely and securely.
  • What to do when online payments go wrong – Learn how to successfully recover lost sales and what steps to take to protect your business from online fraud.
  • The importance of customer satisfaction – How to ensure that your e-commerce process is an efficient one for your customers, from logon all the way through to fulfilment.
  • Putting an e-commerce plan in place – Gain the necessary knowledge to develop and apply a carefully structured online marketing strategy.

Workshop Outcome:

Delegates on this workshop will gain a greater understanding of the online marketplace and the variety of platforms and solutions available to them and decide which is the most appropriate for their business. Delegates will also acquire the skills necessary to develop and implement a workable e-commerce marketing strategy in line with these solutions to benefit their business.


When & Where

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16th September 2015
09:00am to 16:30pm
Nottingham Conference Centre, NG1 4BU
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