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Discover how to successfully integrate online payments into your business. This webinar demystifies online payments by explaining technical jargon and showing real-life examples

Taking payments online can be transformational for any business. This webinar will explore and teach you the key concepts that need to be considered when using online payments such as security, fraud protection, buyer experience as well as explaining provider choices and associated costs.

Explained using simple terminology this webinar will provide you with a greater understanding of how to make the right decision for your business. Delivered by Digital Growth Programme, Consultant Rob Gregory, he will examine and demonstrate payment provider examples - making test payments in real-time allowing you to see and experience the entire process from purchase to a payment appearing in a provider’s admin system.

Who should attend:
Any organisation looking to start taking payments online or those looking for a smarter solution to replace a current or legacy system. You don’t need to be technical or have any experience in taking payments online to attend – the webinar is pitched at beginner to intermediate level.

The webinar will cover:

  • Security – Find out how to make your online payments secure by understanding HTTP and SSL. Security can be a scary subject but this webinar highlights what can be done to ensure payment security and install buyer trust.
  • Fraud protection –Discover the tools and services that are available to ensure the risk of fraud is reduced.  And explore how to develop a clear process to manage fraud in the event that it does occur – being prepared reduces the risk of losing your buyers trust.
  • PCI Compliance – What are the risks and concerns around PCI compliance for your business. How can you minimise your responsibility and potential liability by making informed choices?
  • Buyer experience – Consider how your customers will engage with your buying process and what payment provision you need in place to design an easy to use and frictionless payment flow. Payment technology must be implemented in usable ways – make sure you consider this before you make a platform choice you are stuck with.
  • What I need to get started – Find out how to ready your business for online payments. Bank accounts, merchant accounts, accounting processes and fulfilment considerations are all covered.
  • Costs – Understand potential setup costs and how different payment providers calculate the ongoing and/or transaction costs.
  • Integration and testing – Discover how to integrate different payment options into a website and how to test everything is working before you go-live.
  • Payment provider options – Learn about different payment options, payment types and which platform choices to make. Understand how different providers can be integrated into new or existing online sales channels.
  • The future of payments – Discover where the future of online payments lies with an overview of Apple Pay, Android Pay, Bitcoin and even Biometric payments. Also, learn valuable tips on keeping up to date on the latest regulation and legislation around payments in the digital age.

Webinar outcome:
Delegates will leave the webinar armed with the expert knowledge required to start taking payments online. Confident in their understanding of the different options available attendees will be able to make informed decisions on which platform and approach to take as they embark on their journey into successfully taking payments online.

This webinar is delivered by the East Midlands Chamber’s Digital Growth Programme team and is part-funded by the European Regional Development Fund, East Midlands Chamber and Leicestershire County Council.

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