Snack sales wrapped up thanks to Digital Growth Programme

food attraction

Food Attraction makes frozen and chilled food for national restaurant chains and supplies a range of finger foods to national wholesalers. It has developed a range of handheld snacks, called Naanster – delicious wraps made from fresh naan, mango chutney, pilau rice, curry sauce and meat or vegetables, which are sold through retailers including Sainsbury’s, Aldi, Co-Op, Spar and Londis. Based in Thurmaston, the firm has won a clutch of awards including the Family-Owned Business of the Year Award, at Amazon’s Growing Business Awards, and East Midlands Chamber Leicestershire Business of the Year Award 2019

The Challenge

food attraction

Food Attraction built up its presence using social media, where it has a large community of followers. However, it needed a website to create an avenue to talk to its consumers directly, as well as engaging with retail partners and wholesalers looking to work with the brand and stock its products.

Digital Growth Programme Solution

We provided grant funding of £2,500 towards a total project spend of £7,000 for the new website,, which was launched in Autumn 2018. Our advisers also provided the company with more than 20 hours of advice and support about the functionality and design of the new site, its online and offline marketing and on how to maximise return on investment through future integration with CRM and other business software tools. In addition, Food Attraction accessed a £19,000 grant through the Collaborate project, to help it purchase a new flow wrapping machine to help it wrap its products in branded packaging, ready to be sold on by retailers.

The Impact

The new website has given the company and its products an official home online, which not only helps it to better engage with customers, but also builds credibility when dealing with retailers and wholesalers. It has given the company several new routes to market, enabling it to get more products into more stores, nationwide.

Increased demand has led to the business creating three new jobs to give it the additional capacity it requires to cope with the increased output. The investment in the wrapping machine has also enabled it to improve the Naanster’s cardboard packaging. It means customers can now eat the product on the move, which has led to an increase in supermarket sales. The company is now in advanced talks with several retailers and sport stadiums to stock the product.

Client Testimonial

food attraction

Jake Karia, Managing Director at Food Attraction, said: “We’ve built our business by having a good presence on social media, but our new website has helped take us to the next level.

“It’s given us the credibility we needed to be able to talk directly with national retailers and supermarket chains, rather than being a direct to consumer brand. The resulting increase in business has enabled us to create new jobs here in Leicester.

 “The support we received from Tom, our Digital Growth Programme adviser, has been great, as he really got us to think about what we wanted the website for, how we wanted it to look and function and how we could get the most value from it. When you couple this with the investment we made in the new packaging machine, it puts us in a really strong position to take our growth to the next level and make our products available through many more retail outlets, for our customers to enjoy.”

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