Is my business eligible?

The Digital Upscaler project is available to SMEs across Leicester and Leicestershire that have experienced barriers to growth through lack of finance, staff resources or expertise in new technologies, or if you are a business already embracing digital technologies and wanting to take the next step.

To be eligible for this project your business must also meet one of the following criteria:

  • Scale-up businesses- Employ at least ten staff at the outset, turnover exceeding £1m-15m and annual growth of 20%+ in turnover or employment for the past three years.
  • Potential scale-up businesses- Employ at least ten staff, a turnover of £1m-15m and that have achieved some of the scale-up criteria, such as annual growth of 10%+ for the past three years or 20%+ for the past two years
  • Ambitious businesses*– those that can demonstrate a potential to scale along with some scale-up characteristics, and meets at least one of the following criteria:
    • Has a turnover of more than £1m
    • Employs 10 or more FTE staff
    • Can show a minimum of 10% year on year growth over each of the last two full accounting years
    • Has a projected growth plan for their business that will take them into at least one of these categories within two years

*Ambitious businesses are subject to grant body discretion


Application process and next steps

  • Apply: complete the questionnaire or make contact where we'll arrange a discovery call.
  • Check: we will assess your eligibility
  • Review: we will undertake a diagnostic review of your business
  • Plan: we will produce an action plan which outlines actions and support suitable to facilitate growth within your business