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PGM Reball is the UK’s leading technical expert in ballscrew design and manufacture. It has designed and repaired ballscrews for more than 40 years and provides a unique range of linear motion technology solutions and services. It also offers expert advice and guidance to help clients select the best solution, while its in-house niche manufacturing facility, in Hinckley, provides OEM customers around the world with solutions that are truly unique and bespoke.

The Challenge

GM Reball

a traditional engineering firm, PGM Reball was looking to transform the way it did its marketing, to help it stand out from its competitors and embrace the power of the internet. The company was looking to improve its digital presence, raise the profile of its products and services online and, ultimately, use the internet to reach more customers and win more business.

 Digital Growth Programme Solution

Anne Ford, Director at PGM Reball, attended a series of Digital Growth Programme workshops to help her expand her knowledge and give her the skills and confidence she needed to implement a wide range of digital marketing initiatives. These sessions, funded by the European Regional Development Fund, covered subjects including planning a successful website, which enabled her to develop and launch a new WordPress site for the company. YouTube workshops enabled Anne to create professional-looking product videos in-house and generate engagement with them via social media. And Google Ads workshops helped the company reach out to more customers online and improve its search engine rankings.

The Impact
The new WordPress website has been instrumental in raising PGM Reball’s presence online, enabling it to win new business worth £180,000, which it wouldn’t have been able to secure without a professional-looking, mobile-responsive website. This growth in business has also enabled the company to create an additional job.

As a result of the Google Ads workshop learnings, the company made the decision to increase its spend from £30-£40 a month to £1,000 a month. This has resulted in it gaining five to six new customers per month, generating additional turnover of up to £90,000. And a further £20,000 of additional turnover was generated on the back of the company profile video it produced, which enabled it to engage with a specialist engineering marketing company that features several of PGM Reball’s videos on its own YouTube channel.

Client Testimonial

Anne Ford

Anne said: “The Digital Growth Programme workshops we have attended have been remarkable and have really transformed the way we do business. We’ve had lots of benefits from the things we have learned and put into practice and are still reaping the rewards. “It has given us the confidence to not only do things like YouTube, Google Ads and even our website on our own, but make a really professional-looking job of it.

“We operate in a traditional manufacturing sector, where a lot of business is done by word of mouth and through existing relationships. While this holds true, word of mouth for us is now Twitter and LinkedIn and the tools we use to reach people are the internet, Google and SEO.

“Embracing digital helps us to make business decisions internally based on the data that comes through. It helps to get us in front of people who aren’t really looking for us at the time and help them to find our website and do business with us.”


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