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Leicestershire County Council is committed to supporting and promoting local businesses and strengthening Leicestershire’s diverse and dynamic economy.

Working with our partners, in particular through the Leicester and Leicestershire Enterprise Partnership (LLEP), and with our successful and innovative private sector, we intend to realise our aspirations by shaping our economy to deliver tangible, substantial benefits to the businesses and the people of Leicestershire.

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Superfast Leicestershire – Countywide Fibre Broadband




Superfast Leicestershire is an £18.8m project led by Leicestershire County Council and part funded by European Regional Development Fund to bring superfast fibre broadband to as many premises in Leicestershire as possible. The project will deliver high-speed fibre broadband to 96% of homes and businesses in Leicestershire by March 2016.

The Benefits of Superfast Broadband:Many businesses that can already access fibre broadband are using it to maximise growth, expand their customer base and improve their bottom line. By having fibre broadband, not only will you be able to benefit from faster upload and download speeds, you can also run meetings by video link and reach customers through new, faster and easier to track methods of communication like Facebook and Twitter.Plus, you can also use cloud based systems, which means you have access to the same tools as larger companies – all with the same benefits, but for a fraction of the cost.

  • Leicestershire County Council’s vision  is to ensure that all premises can access superfast broadband speeds by 2018
  • The current BT contract will ensure fibre broadband access to at least 72,000 additional premises
  • Over 400 fibre enabled cabinets will be deployed as part of the BT contracts.
  • It is estimated that Superfast Leicestershire will generate £92m in economic growth by 2021

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