Raising the fashion stakes for Quickchoice Ltd

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Quickchoice Ltd specialises in providing sourcing, analysing, developing and testing new fabric ranges, along with high quality dyeing and printing services to the textiles manufacturing industry. It has made extensive investments in updating machinery, equipment and technology in order to stay ahead of ground-breaking developments within the textile industry. It provides support and guidance to help clients find the exact type of fabric they are looking for, with the ability to match to exact shades. Its printing arm works in conjunction with external pioneers in rotary, screen and advanced digital printing techniques to deliver cutting-edge materials.

The Challenge
The business has been operating within the highly-competitive UK textiles industry for more than 30 years and has constantly had to find ways of reinventing itself. It needed to enhance its digital capabilities and find a new and innovative way to provide a fast-turnaround sampling service for its manufacturing clients. Previously, when clients requested a fabric sample, this had to be sub-contracted out to partners in Italy or Germany, which could take two or three days, minimum, to turn around. It needed a solution that would enable it to turnaround short-run digitally-printed fabric samples in less than 24 hours.  

Digital Growth Programme Solution
We provided grant funding of £41,500, which went towards the acquisition of a digitally-controlled machine for dye sublimation printing for samples to the textile industry, along with the associated control and design software.The business has also acquired a scanning solution to enable customers to provide small samples/design that can now be processed with increased accuracy and speed.

The Impact
The business was losing revenue by having to import its samples then give them away to clients. Having the ability to do all of its sampling in-house has not only sped up its turnaround times, but has led to new sales and new clients. As opposed to having to wait up to two weeks for a sample, these can now be delivered within 24 hours, which makes the company more competitive in the UK marketplace.

Client Testimonial

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Feroz Omarji, Director at Quickchoice Ltd, said:
“The textiles industry gets very little support, so we’re grateful to the Digital Growth Programme for providing this funding to enable us to introduce new technology, grow our digital capabilities and innovate.


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