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R.E.A.L Education is a specialist provider of education solutions for children and young people who are ‘lost to learning’ or ‘hard to place’ within mainstream schooling. Since forming in 2008, it has forged an excellent reputation for re-engaging children and young people in learning. By taking a precise and holistic approach to each individual learner’s needs, it builds a bespoke programme around each child in its care, working collaboratively with a range of stakeholders to affect change and enable them to reach their full potential.

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The Challenge
The business is a large, multi-site organisation, with delivery of bespoke learning programmes taking place at premises across the East Midlands and South Yorkshire.  The business has undergone rapid growth and needed scalable technology in place to ensure all of its business management policies and procedures, from staff admin and HR to documentation and the storing of personal data, were not only futureproof but also secure and GDPR-compliant.

Digital Growth Programme Solution
We provided £40,000 of grant funding towards an investment in a Cloud-based system, based on Google Drive, which accommodates all of the organisation’s business-critical systems and processes. Staff can log into the system via an online portal, to access and share day-to-day information and report issues in real-time. Because the system is based in the Cloud, no additional investment in IT hardware was required.

The Impact
The system is fundamental to the way R.E.A.L Education does business and has enabled it to achieve operational efficiencies and increase its capacity for growth. In the past 12 months, the business has created 40 new jobs and has engaged with 250 additional children and young adults.

Client Testimonial

Richard Smith

Richard Smith, co-founder and operations director, said:
“It’s our mission to create opportunities for young people across the East Midlands and help them reach their full potential. Our Google Drive system is key to enabling us to make this happen.

“It means we can continue to grow and introduce innovative new learning programmes to engage young people and equip them with vital core life skills.”


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