The Superfast South Yorkshire – Digital Growth Programme is available to promote and assist in the implementation of new and emerging technologies in order to promote “Digital Growth”. It can clearly be seen that SME organisations are not yet making the most of the opportunities available to promote growth in a digital capacity, therefore the programme aims to raise the awareness and understanding of what new technology, enabled by faster broadband connections, can achieve for business.

The programme aims to work with a minimum of 110 businesses to provide 12 hours’ worth of support, with a number of these businesses also being in the Start Up stage. To provide this support, there will be a programme of 60 full day action-planning workshops covering 10 subjects from social media, to cyber resilience. These workshops will be for up to 15 delegates, with each attendee receiving a workbook, action plan, lunch and refreshments.

In addition to the workshops, there will be 20 awareness-raising seminars covering new and emerging technologies with our expert consultants providing a 90 minute overview and introduction to each technology, followed by the opportunity to participate in a Q&A session, and networking. An example of subject matters can also be seen below.