Superfast South Yorkshire - Digital Growth Programme

The Superfast South Yorkshire Digital Growth Programme is a programme part-funded by the European Regional Development Fund, running from September 2017 to November 2018. 

The events delivered through the programme will raise awareness and promote the business benefits that can be realised through the use of technology and embed the knowledge and understanding to support greater business adoption.  

Managed by East Midlands Chamber (Derbyshire, Nottinghamshire, Leicestershire) and delivered across the South Yorkshire area, the programme will provide support in the form of 60 full-day “Action-Planning Workshops” and 20 three hour “Awareness-Raising seminars”, covering a variety digital themes including;

  • Video Marketing, including Live Streaming
  • Planning an Effective Website
  • Effective Search Engine Optimisation
  • Understanding Google Analytics
  • Selling Online - Getting Started
  • Integrating Social Media into your Business (2-Day Workshop)
  • Working with Images and Video
  • Data and Making the Most of your Business Relationships
  • Improving Operational Effectiveness with Cloud Computing & Smart Working
  • Developing a Cyber Resilience Strategy
  • Email Marketing for Success
  • Blogging for Business
  • Creating Video Content for the Web
  • Online Marketing for Local Business

SFSY Connection and Innovation Vouchers Scheme - SCHEME NOW CLOSED TO NEW APPLICATIONS
The SFSY Connection and Innovation Vouchers Scheme offers Vouchers to encourage small and medium enterprises (SMEs) to take-up faster digital connectivity and to further support SMEs to introduce transformational innovations to the business that can improve business performance through faster digital connections. Read more by clicking here.

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Awareness Raising Seminars

A series of three-hour awareness raising events. The purpose of these events is to raise awareness of the subject matter but to actively promote the action planning workshop programme and provide an opportunity for delegates to participate in a Q&A session following the event presentation. Delegates will leave the seminar with a clear understanding of the subject matter to reach an informed decision with regards to the introduction or further development of this new technology within their organisation

Strategic Action-Planning Workshops

The programme will deliver 60 full-day strategic action-planning workshops between September 2017 and November 2018 in Sheffield, Barnsley, Rotherham and Doncaster. These full-day workshops will equip business delegates with the knowledge and skills required to plan and implement  selected digital  technologies and for the transfer of knowledge and skills to key personnel within the business.

Best workshop I've been to, so relevant and current

Laura Bruce, Steel City Marketing, Sheffield

Really impressive workshop, with great in depth practical advice and examples. The explanation of hidden feature on social media was very useful and I will be going away from the session looking at building and executing a full social media strategy for my business. Thank you again for providing me access to workshop and the information if delivered.

Wossicon Brown, Sheffield

A massive thank you to Liam and the programme - an insightful and very engaging workshop. I particulary found the hashtag elements useful.

Efficiency North, Sheffield

 The Digital Marketing for Local Businesses workshop was very informative - Ian’s knowledge was excellent

Signs Express

Informative – great links and ideas & a springboard to start blogging correctly

Maquina Photography

As a blogging novice I came away armed with content and structure to begin writing

Zeun Digital

Excellent presentation with load of very relevant and current information and examples. Great delivery from Lee - made the workshop very enjoyable

C.B. Kaymich

I’ve come away with lots of ideas for how to develop content. Very Informative; clearly and confidently delivered

Just Write