D2N2 - Technology Grants

Our grant scheme has now been fully subscribed and we are currently unable to progress any further grant applications.

If you’re still interested in:

  • Growing your business through implementation of the latest digital strategies, we have 1:1 Digital Advisor support available and our workshops and seminars will run until June 2019. For more information visit our other pages.
  • Other potential funding vehicles please speak to your Growth Hub advisor, or call 0333 006 9178 to arrange to meet one.

Apply now!

To apply for the technology grant you will need to register your business by completing the programme registration form and meet the eligibility criteria. Once your business is approved, we will provide you with a link to complete the Grant Expression of Interest.

Take the next step!

Once you are registered with the programme you can also attend our workshops and seminars to help keep you up-to-date with the latest digital technology and marketing techniques.