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Troy Business Services provides a range of administrative and support solutions to help SMEs stay in control of their business. From accounts and bookkeeping to payroll, HR and training, Troy takes the hassle out of the time-consuming, day-to-day essentials, giving business owners more time to focus on the things that matter. Its expert team is based in Ashby and has vast experience in business and financial management, helping clients to ensure their business is running as smoothly as possible.

The Challenge
The business had experienced significant growth since starting in 2006, going from an initial team of three to eight employees, who were recruited to service additional clients won on the back of introducing new services. 

It also wanted to take advantage of new technologies to make its operation more cloud-based, which would help to make the business more efficient and increase productivity. As well as looking at new, larger premises, it wanted to increase its sales conversion by updating its branding and launching a new website, and enhancing its customer experience by offering a portal through which customers could engage.

Digital Growth Programme Solution
We provided grant funding of £15,000, which went towards the purchase of new computers and IT hardware required in its new office, along with a cloud-based server. After developing and launching its new website in July 2018, the firm went on and  purchased a new practice management software, called Action Step. This new application has become a fundamental part of the business, helping to improve flexibility and efficiency by moving to a cloud-based solution.

The Impact
The funding was used for the purchase of a wide range of technologies and equipment which has enabled the business to move to larger premises to accommodate its growth. It has seen turnover increase by 17%. Since launching its new website and branding, it has secured new business which could increase turnover by an additional 50% in 2019. Its entire business is now cloud-based, enabling staff to work flexibly, including on client sites. The business has also recruited an additional team member and is currently looking for two more team members.

Client Testimonial

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Helen Fitzgerald, Managing Director of Troy Business Services, said:
“As a growing business, we had big plans in terms of how we wanted to expand. Without the Digital Growth Programme’s support, we would not have been able to make the changes so quickly and would have had to phase them in over a longer period.

“Our adviser, Maria, was excellent in helping us to understand the process of applying for our funding and assisting us through all of the stages. She helped us to determine longer-term strategic goals and a tactical plan for how we would achieve them.”


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